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Chocolate Moonshine

Chocolate Moonshine
Marshall VA
Booth: 1039

Company Description:

Gourmet Fudge
Our fudge recipe was created over 30 years ago and has been known as America's Best Fudge since the early '80s. Our ingredients must be pure and natural. Our fudge will always be made in the small-batch tradition, hand-stirred in copper kettles cooked over an open flame. This cooking method creates a silky smooth fudge that has been recognized as America's finest.

Hand-Painted Truffle Bars
Our take on the traditional chocolate truffle is known as our Hand-painted Truffle Bars. Each unique truffle is painted with colored cocoa butter and has a silky smooth shell with soft ganache center. Always made with Belgian Chocolate and Local Cream. Please enjoy one of our own curated collections in either a 10 pack or 4 pack box.

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