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Cleanvent Dryer Exhaust Specialist

Cleanvent Dryer Exhaust Specialist
P.O. Box 115
Mechanicsvlle VA
Booth: 243

Company Description:

Cleaning of the venting system:

Our company uses an advanced "scrubbing/suction" system to clean-out your vents. Using a combination of extreme-suction from a specialty high-powered vacuum, and the thorough cleaning action of a high-speed rotating brush which is capable of traversing long lengths of pipe and elbows, we are able to remove the dangerous lint.

Our technicians will remove blockages such as bird nests. Using video inspection equipment, they can also investigate problems within the venting system, such as improperly routed vents, and vents that are damaged or disconnected.

Cleaning more than just the vent:

In addition to thoroughly cleaning the main dryer vent, our technicians ALSO clean the connector, and the air-flow sections of the dryer itself (below the lint screen and in the pipe coming out of the back of the dryer). ALSO, if accessible, we clean the interior of the dryer compartment itself.

The safe and efficient operation of your dryer and venting system is our major concern.

New Products

Stainless Steel Dryer Venting! The Ultimate dryer vent material!
* Manufactured from 430 stainless steel
* Silicon joint gaskets prevent leakage
* Male Ends are reduced, instead of crimped, to prevent lint build-up

Certifications & Awards

A+ BBB Rating & Accreditation, C-DET Certified.

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