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Jeanine Michele Enterprises

Jeanine Michele Enterprises
Henrico VA
Booth: 127

Company Description:

Jeanine Michele Enterprises is about defining spaces without limits. We primarily focus on visual and creative solutions for our clientele. Whether it’s designing physical spaces, brand management, advertising, or promotion, we’ve got you covered.

Jeanine Michele Enterprises concentrates on the design and execution, working closely with architects, engineers and builders to ensure exquisite and unique “opera d’arte.”
Jeanine Michele is detail oriented and enjoys creating spaces first touched by paints and then harmonized through interior/exterior design.

Jemellaggio is our Sister Program with Italy. Skaquei is for the fine arts. For intriguing events, stay tuned to #JeMHappenings. Bringing you the finest Italian products is the Tante Belle Cose Boutique.

Sweet Sung Lullabies showcases our baby/kids divisions offering design services as well as photography and styling.

We provide interior design services as well as paint consultation and execution. We also create and oversee the construction of detached units designed to go beyond the traditional "shed" and offer the homeowner additional functional spaces to utilize.

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Five Year Exhibitor
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