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Tower Garden - Aeroponic gardening system

Tower Garden - Aeroponic gardening system
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Step into the garden of tomorrow as The Juice Plus Company introduces one of our most popular products, The Tower Garden! It's a complete Aeroponic gardening system that you can use to grow fresh veggies and herbs either outside or inside all year long. Introduce your family or loved ones to healthier eating as you go from garden to table without the fear of accidentally eating recalled lettuce and greens daily!

One of the best aspects of The Tower Garden is there's no soil and no weeding either! You just need air, water, and minerals! Be amazed as you watch your seeds grow along with your confidence! And best of all they're affordable with no green thumb required! As we know, fresh fruits and veggies are essential to providing complete nutrition, which is why The Juice Plus Company provides many important fruits and vegetables in the form of a capsule, but, our products are not just another supplement. They are actual fruits and vegetables going into your body! It's like a salad bar in a capsule that each contains our plant powders through our specialized process to ensure that they are even better than organic!

Here, at The Juice Plus Company, we strive to help individuals from all walks of life through their own personal journey to aim for an affordable and healthier lifestyle and provide complete nutrition every day. Just one simple change can make all the difference. Remember it's better to take care of your body now than be forced to do so later in life! With Juice Plus added to your routine, you can finally fuel your body with confidence! Start your day with 20 to 30 fruits and veggies to see what proper nutrition can do for your overall health! Become part of the Juice Plus family today!

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The Tower Garden uses an Aeropinic watering system which mimics the natural rain cycle that plants utilize to grow. This is done by a pump in the reservoir which pushes the nutrient solution, our special Mineral Blend to the top of your tower garden.

Certifications & Awards

NSF seal on every Juice Plus bottle, researched clinically by leading university's, hospitals and research centers around the world, Juice Plus is supported by more than 40 peer reviewed scientific publications

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